To stay as healthy as possible, you have to be an active participant in your own care.Because if you don’t care about your health then no one else will. Sometimes there are changes occurring in our bodies that we tend to ignore or didn’t notice. These changes can lead us to fatal diseases.

Cancer is one of the fatal diseases that can start in almost any body cell, due to damage or defects in genes involved in cell division.There are some symptoms that can be easily detected and verified after a medical checkup.

Some of these symptoms are so common that people do not care about them.But they have potential to develop into cancer. So I’ll advise you to consult your doctor as soon as these symptoms surface.
Here is the list of all those symptoms that can be an early sign of cancer.

Lumps on body

The early sign cancer could be a lump or cyst on any part of your body. So dont ignore it and visit your doctor as soon as possible.Treatment of cancer is easy in early stages.


Bruises that don’t heal

Bruises on a body is another sign if you have any bruises and they are taking unexpectedly long time in healing.Then you should see your doctor.


Unusual moles

We don’t notice the moles on our body. But it is wrong we should check these moles, if any changes in shape, size or colour or bleeds in unusual circumstances, make sure to get it checked.


Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite is one of the major symptoms.So if you notice that your need for food become less than usual, then take care of yourself because it will make your body weak.


Bowel habits

If you feel pain in your belly, intestine, colon or bladder then don’t ignore it.A change in bowel or bladder habits for no good reason should be treated with care.


Unusual Bleeding

The unusual bleeding from different parts of your body like in urine, bowel motions, or from spitting, it is largely an alarming sign. It shouldn’t be ignored, there is something serious so immediately visit your doctor.


Unexplained tiredness

Even after rest, you’ll feel tired and it is because something is not right. Fatigue and tiredness are the sign of cancer but not cancer many other diseases that cause tiredness so better you should check it.


A throbbing cough and cold

A cough and cold are early signs of sickness or something wrong with your health. If it doesn’t get better or intense that pain your chest then visit your doctor for a checkup.


Difficulty to swallow

Difficulty in swallowing food or the choking feeling in your throat is not normal, pay a quick visit to your doctor.


Shortness of breath

If you feel any problem in breathing or running out of breath sooner than you expected then don’t ignore it.Get it checked by your doctor.

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