The number of children dying due to heat stroke in cars is increasing with each passing day. Most of the parents leave their children or their pet animals back in the car when they go to a mall for grocery shopping or to buy any other stuff. But due to the high summer temperature, children can’t bear the heat stroke and die. And there’s no way parents can get to know what’s happening with their kid while they are busy grocery shopping.

Don’t do this to your children!

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For this purpose, Bishop Curry who is 10 years old and is still a student of 5th grade has invented a device that can save the children from dying, back in the hot cars.

Bishop Curry

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He aimed at working on the device when he heard the news of her neighbor’s baby who was 6 months old and died because his parents had left him in an overheated car.

He’s a genius!

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Recently, he has created a 3-D model for a prototype Oasis that works both on cooling down the car at first and then also notifies and alerts the parents about their kid who has been left in the hot car.

3-D model

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Bishop and his father have succeeded in raising about $24,000 via GoFundMe account that they are going to use for the manufacturing cost of that device.

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We must say he’s a real genius inventing devices to save other’s lives.

Bishop Curry explaining about his device

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Don’t leave your kid in the car while the temperature is too high!

Take care of your children as well as your pets!

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