It’s an interesting characteristic that numerous canines have. You get up to make a beeline for the restroom, and your puppy is directly behind you. Or on the other hand possibly you get into the washroom, pushing the entryway for the most part shut behind you, just to watch it be prodded open a couple of minutes after the fact, so a hairy head can jab in.

Did you ever ask why your dog wants to tail you to the restroom?

  • Dogs Are Pack Animals
  • Dogs live in packs, and they feel forlorn and somewhat helpless when only they’re. In case you’re in the house, your canine needs to be with you.

Canines Are Curious

It’s conceivable that your puppy doesn’t care for it when anything occurs in his home that he isn’t a piece of. Once more, this needs to do with him being pack-arranged, but on the other hand it’s out and out interest. Life can be somewhat exhausting once in a while for a pooch that generally remains home and has a quite enduring schedule, so he normally needs to be a piece of any movement that is going on, even a human washroom trip.

Pooches Don’t Understand “Alone Time”

Once more, it’s a pack thing. Pooches are always getting things done with others in their pack; chasing, watching, eating, and playing. So he doesn’t generally have a thought of what alone time is or why you would need a few.


He supposes he’s staying with you in the washroom, and he’s likewise remaining nearby on the off chance that you require him while you’re in there.

Your Dog Might Be Guarding You

Your canine may tail you to the washroom since he knows you’ll be involved in there, and he needs to ensure you’re protected. All things considered, you’d experience serious difficulties managing an interloper while you’re taking care of things in there, so he’s sacrificially venturing in to be your guardian.

Can You Ever Go to the Bathroom Solo Again?

In the event that you’d jump at the chance to attempt and shield your canine from tailing you into the washroom, you can take a stab at giving him something to keep him possessed while you’re in there.

Presently, why your feline, child, or spouse tail you to the washroom may be extraordinary.

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