Most of the people are unhealthy because of using incorrect foods,Lack of vitamins,water and also for the other factors. They have also frizzy and unhealthy hairs. People are thinking about their hairs that might be it is damage by external problems but they really don’t know that this problem is internally. So must read it to get information and know about that causes of unhealthy hairs.

1. Lifeless and dull hairs 

Lifeless and dull hairs are now part of our life and we do not have proper solution for it. You will think that might be the reason of dull hairs is straightening,iron,over heat,dying, and shampoo or conditioner. But you never notice  1 thing that you can be internally weak and unhealthy. You should intake vitamins and healthy food,milk and calcium for your body. Taking a correct food will provide you healthy life to your hairs.

2. Dandruff

If you are suffering with dandruff then your hairs get will damage soon and also become frizzy. You will use many oils for remove it but dandruff will still with you. You should concentrate about your health that are you in depression and other tension because this is the reason of dandruff too. And any dermatologist will not help you in this matter yo should go to the trichcologist.



3. Thin and brittle hairs

When your body have deficiency of protein then your hairs will become automatically thin and brittle. Your nail will also show you this symptoms that you have to take protein in your food. Because lack of protein is not only good for health,but it can also become a serious disease and also can create a heavy issue for you.


4. Focal hair loss

Sometimes you feel your hairs are healthy but you have to check your hair volume while combing. Normally hairs loss in a daily routine but if you feel that you are going to baldness side you should go to the doctor. Focal hair loss is also not good for your hairs and your head scalp. Take proper diet and also keep your health fit otherwise you will loss your health and hairs both of.

5. Greasy hairs

You always concentrate on your food that what type of things,which you are in-taking. Because over diet can be also damage your hairs. If you are taking over meat and fried dishes then it is also harmful for you. Because extra meat and junks food can make your hairs greasy and dull, so try to enhance the beauty of your hairs.

6. Split ends and itchy scalp 

When you feel that you have symptoms of pimple,body rash,itching,and dry scalp then you have to determine now your body require healthy food. You should avoid to smoke,sweets,sugar things, and cold drinks. Use the vitamins B1 and B6. Try to consume simple food in daily routine.

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