Here are some common questions about Somtom Network.


How can i create a account on Somtom network?

Creating an account on somtom network is very simple.

open https://www.somtom.net/members and click on register and provide all the required information and click on Create an account and its done.
Now you can login into worlds most powerful dashboard.


Can Somtom Network pay me in my local currency?

Somtom can only pay your Somtom Network revenue in USD ($).

If your bank cannot accept USD, you’ll need to set up an intermediary bank account capable of accepting USD and converting it to your local currency. When setting up your payout info, enter your destination (local) bank and then use the Need Help? button to inform us about your intermediary bank.

How do I add my payout information?

To receive payments for Somtom Network, you’ll need to set up your payout info. Only the business owners and admins of the company account can add or update payout information. Note that if you earn $200 USD without setting up payout information, ad delivery will be paused until you do.

Somtom Network is unable to pay out to bank accounts located in  Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, India, Afghanistan, Israel or Syria at this time.

Before you get started, you’ll need:

  • tax identification number for you or your company, depending on who will receive the payments.

  • A bank account that can receive payments in USD.

To add your payout information:

  1. Go to http://publisher.somtom.net/members/dashboard.php?payment_details and select your primary payment method.
  2. On the Company Details step, enter all required info:
    • Company Type: Choose Individual if you are an individual.

    • Choose a Tax ID Type that corresponds to the tax ID number you entered.

    • Tax ID Number: For individual in the United States, enter your social security number (SSN). For companies in the United States, enter your EIN. For companies in the EU, enter your VAT. All other publishers can enter any number that uniquely identifies you or your business, such as a driver’s license number, business number, or citizen’s number.

  3. On the Tax Form step, click Choose File to upload your tax form. For help on which tax form to use.
  4. Once you have uploaded your tax form, you’ll see a green “Upload Success” notification.

  5. On the Payment Info step, select the Account Type and Payment Country, and fill out the bank account information. Click Continue.

    If you are using a bank account, fill out your bank information

Create a ticket or do a live chat if you have problems completing the information.


Why isn’t my data showing in my country report?

There must be at least $1 in revenue or at least 100 pageviews on a campaign in order for data to appear in the reporting dashboard. If you’re not seeing information for a specific country, it is likely that you have not met the data threshold.

What time zone and currency are used for reporting?

All data is reported in Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8). All revenue is reported in USD ($).


How to build proper links to get all my traffic counted?

Add this string to the end of each article you want to post:

What will happen if i made violation in any rules of Somtom network?

Somtom Network reserves the right to terminate any account who doesn’t follow our policy guidelines.

I have many Facebook pages do i have to get all pages approved?

Yes! every page you want to use for sharing our content needs to be verified by our team.

What type of traffic Somtom network accept?

At the moment we accept Facebook page’s and twitter accounts traffic only.


How much I can earn from Somtom network?

We are paying Avg. 8$ per Thousand page views. The actual payout may depend on your traffic quality, quantity, and selected articles. Some articles perform better than others.

Why is estimated revenue different from final revenue?

There may be a slight difference in your estimated revenue and your final review. This delta can occur for a number of reasons:

  • Ads are refunded to the advertiser after they’re displayed, because of fraud or other traffic issues (most common).

  • Estimated Payout is based on California time (UTC-8). However, final payout is based on ads shown in local time. Therefore, some ads shown on the final day of the month will be counted in the next month.

  • Ads shown at the end of the month may be tracked in the following month. For example, someone clicks on an ad on the 30th, but the conversion is not tracked until the following month.

What is Somtom Network’s revenue share with publishers?

Somtom Network aims to provide publishers with the best monetization solution, through page-based targeting and high-quality content. We do not disclose a specific revenue share at this point.

Payment Schedule

Do I need to send Somtom an invoice for payment from Somtom Network?

You don’t need to send Somtom an invoice for payouts from Somtom Network. We’ll automatically calculate your payout amount and send your revenue to your bank account monthly. Note that the only statement we provide is the one that accompanies your monthly payment. No other statement is available.

Note: We may ask you to send us a payment request if your payment method is Payoneer.

Why is my payment from Somtom Network pending?

If you recently changed your bank information, it can delay payment by one month. If you have incorrectly entered bank information, your payment will be pending until it is entered correctly.

You can view the status of your payments in the Payout section under “Payout Reports.” The status will be listed as Pending or Paid.

When will I get paid by Somtom Network?

Somtom Network pays monthly. Payment generally occurs in the third week of the month for the previous month’s revenue. For example, revenue for January will be paid in the third week of February. We’ll pay out earnings from all campaigns attached to the same bank account in one single payment each month.

Our minimum payment is $100 USD, totaled across all your campaigns. If you earn less than $100 USD in a month, your revenue will be added to the following month, until you reach $100 USD.

Tax Information

Which tax ID and tax form should I use for Somtom Network?

In order to get paid, you need to add your payout information, including a tax ID, and submit a tax form.

Tax ID

In the first step of the payout setup, Company Details, you will be asked to select a tax ID type and enter a tax ID number.

  • Companies in the U.S. should enter their Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) as their Tax ID

  • Individuals in the U.S. should enter their social security number (SSN) as their Tax ID

  • Companies in the EU should use their official VAT Number as their Tax ID

  • Everyone else outside the U.S. and EU should select Tax ID (Other). You may use any number that identifies yourself or your business, such as a driver’s license number, business number, or citizen’s number.

Tax form

On the third step of the payout flow, Tax Form, you will need to submit a tax form. You should download the appropriate form, complete it, and upload it.

  • Individuals and companies in the U.S. should both use form W-9

  • Individuals and companies outside the U.S. should use form W-8BEN

Once you have uploaded your filled out tax form, you will see a green “Upload Success” notification.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please contact us on our live chat or send a email at publisher@somtom.net