Every person want to look good by their dressing,personality and also when they organized any type of party at their homes so they want that their house looks fabulous at that time. So we will tell you about some housekeeping hacks,which are helpful to how you can impress your guests.

1. Fill your bathroom with fresh scents

It is quite good idea that take some drop of any essential oil onto your bathroom paper roll. Paper roll will be absorb that oil and will give you beautiful freshness in your washroom till the paper roll end.

2. Make gel air fresheners from natural ingredients

Yo can make gel for air freshness with the natural ingredients. If yo want to make this gel then you need these ingredients like,salt,powdered gelatin,water and your favorite essential oil. Make a mixture and you can use it for a long time.

3. Create a candle by using the orange peels

You can create a candle with using of some orange peels. Your guest will get surprise to after watch this beautiful home made candle. Take a candle inside in of the orange peels and wrap it with peels of orange and apply wax on it.

4. Make an eggshell kitchen garden

You can also use the eggshell in way to make little garden for your kitchen. It will look so beautiful and guest will must admiring you after to watch it. Remember 1 thing that eggshell has very tiny space so you can add that type of ingredients,who has the slow growth and took little place for it,like dill etc.

5. Make flower vases by using glass bottles 

Mostly we purchased flower vases to the markets but there is another way to make a flower vase for your home. You can use the glass bottles also for the flower vase. Decorate it with rope and other simple things yo can see the result of,when you will done it. And it is also rare surprise for your guests as well.

6. Also you can use of paper roll
You have many wires things in the home which can create irritating way enough. Roll it with by using of decorating papers and shiny sheets as well. It will look pretty and save.

7. Serve simple dishes an a creative way

The food presentation is very important and also create a good image also. So if you want that your food looks incredible in front of the guests then use the simple and plane dishes for serve it and give them shape. It will look so beautiful and also positive effects for the guests.
 8. Make some puzzle cookies for your little guests
You should give a surprise to yours little guests. Make for them puzzle cookies to entertain them,they will happy and people will also surprise by your this way of thinking.
9. Cupcake liner of orange peels
 If you are thinking to make a cupcake then try it in new way.when you gonna bake it add some orange peels for the liner and also add orange juice insides of it. You will surprise that how pretty cupcakes are baking by you.

We’d love to hear your views on this…