Vitamin D is very important vitamin for your body. Your health and bones are maintain with vitamin D. We take this vitamin from food,supplements and also from the sun raise’s. When you don’t have or lack of vitamin D,your body will show you these symptoms and you should know about the facts. So we will tell about the symptoms when you have to increase the vitamin D in your body.

1. Head sweating

When you will have deficiency of vitamin D,then your head will automatically get heat up. Sweat of your body is also showing that you have lack of this vitamin. You should take a rest and also intake that type of food which contains on vitamin D. Because over head sweating is also not good for your health and you can get into any serious problem in any time.

2. Bone pain 

As we know that calcium makes our bones strong and also look after of bones tissue. But vitamin D is also take important part for or bones. Lack of vitamin D can be weak our bones and we can get into the pain as well. Because this vitamin is also protect our bones and we have to concentrate on our health to stay a healthy.

3. Muscles pain 

Lack of this vitamin not only bones will effected but also our body muscles will be effected. If you feel too much muscles pain then understand that you have deficiency of vitamin D. Our all body system is strongly bound with vitamin D. So if you want stay healthy don’t forget to take this vitamin.

4.  A weak immune system

As we told you above that not only bones and muscles are effected with this, our whole body and immune system effected by this. Mostly doctor seems to this problem is like infections and normal fever but actually when your immune system as well effected by this vitamin then you should intake of this vitamin.

5. Weakness

Vitamin D is all rounder vitamin which keeps our health active. We feel fresh some time and do work with to much energy but when you feel that you are become lazy and you do not want to do any work. You just want to do nothing and want to take rest then this is the cause of vitamin D. Because lack of vitamin D will become you much lazy.

6. Hair loss

Hair loss is the major problem of today world. Every person want to stay healthy and hair is the main part of any one personality. People used different types of things and products to make their hair healthy but they actually don’t know that might be it is the internally problem. You have to use vitamin D for make your hairs healthy.

7. Depression

You can also be a patients of depression by effected this vitamin. You have to add this vitamin in your life to make your self tension free. Otherwise you can’t enjoy your life,You will always feel the same feelings and also can get involve in the heart disease.

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