The leaves of Costus Igneus, a plant situated in India, is said to be “enchantment cure” for Diabetes.

It is a restorative insulin plant that develops and reinforce the beta cells of the pancreas inside the human body. The counter diabetes properties inside this plant can control glucose levels.

A diabetes quiet in treatment ought to expend two leaves in the morning and two leaves in night for the principal week. In the next week, patients ought to ingest one leaf in the morning and one at night. This measurements ought to be taken after and kept up for 30 days. The leaves of Insulin plant must be chewed well before gulping. In the wake of chewing, drink a glass of water.

Having natural centralization of Corosolic acid, this plant will demonstrate a constructive outcome on glucose levels. Corosolic acid works during the time spent digestion and of the spread of glucose process like insulin that diminishes glucose levels by transporting glucose into cells and out of the circulation system.

Costus can be an exceptionally accommodating plant to any individual who experiences difficulty with high glucose levels, and experiencing diabetes.

Be that as it may, this insulin plant is denied for utilization of pregnant and lacktating ladies.



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